Keeping calipers healthy this Christmas

Donnerstag, Dezember 07, 2017

With the roads becoming more treacherous this winter, it is important to keep your car, and especially your brakes in ship shape to avoid a nasty accident. We have put together a list of six symptoms to be on the lookout for in when driving to ensure your brakes aren't damaged.

Squealing, squeaking and grinding noises

A metallic squeal is a sign that there is damage to the rotor and the pads need to be replaced to ensure you don’t stop beyond the marks. Grinding, especially if it is felt through the pedal is a common sign of debris in the brake system that damages the pads and limits your braking ability. 

Burning as you drive along

Smell may seem like the fourth most important sense when driving, other than if you need your morning bacon bap, but it is a way of recognising overheating before the tell-tale smoke. If it smells strongly of chemicals, especially after braking hard, it’s likely that the brake fluid has been boiled. Slow down in a safe place immediately as the next sign of overheating brakes is brake failure. 

Vibration or scraping when braking

If the steering wheel or a scraping sensation when under braking, it’s usually a sign of that the rotor is uneven. For trustworthy braking performance, rotors must be smooth and an even thickness. 


No not those vegetables that go well in cheese sauce, if there are any leaks in the system it means that the master cylinder won’t be at the correct pressure. That means you’ll have a soft brake pedal. Either that or a part is lacking lubrication and that will result in increased wear. 

Spongy/soft brake pedal

Spotting problems in your car is all about getting a good feel for the car. If the pedal develops a new feel and goes soft, spongy or long, you need to service your brakes straightaway. It’s likely to be due to be air or moisture has contaminated the system and is impacting the brake pressure.

Pulling to one side

If the car is pulling to one side, it’s usually a caliper problem or damage to the brake hose. A caliper will be catching on the rotor, meaning one or both of the wheels will be travelling slower than the wheels on the other side of the vehicle. 

There are our top tips, what do you think? If you have a used few used calipers in your stock, get in touch by emailing Our team of buyers can come out and visit and provide you with a detailed, bespoke quote for your core.


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