How long do parts really last?

Freitag, Oktober 20, 2017

We all like to eke out parts, not least because it saves us money, but how long do parts actually last? The truth is that there is no clear answer for a precise age of a specific part but there are averages. The median age of cars a car is now 9.4 years and trucks last for a median average of 7.6 years – plus the number keeps increasing as individual parts become more reliable and it becomes cheaper to maintain older vehicles. 

Of course, there are some parts that are designed to wear down and have a finite usable life as a result, tyres, brake pads and oil filters, which need to be replaced relatively regularly to keep the car running – and stopping. What’s more, some parts fail before the end of their expected usable life; parts can fail on a brand-new car or be running good as new on a mule of a car if they are maintained well. 

Maintenance is the most important factor in parts lasting as long as possible. If a vehicle is well maintained, there will be minimal work required to repair and replace on a regular basis, beyond parts with a finite lifespan. The key to maintaining the vehicle usually lies in fluids, if oil and hydraulic fluid is kept clean and topped up, it will ensure that parts are lubricated and are unlikely to face unexpected issues. 

Other factors that can have a significant impact on the lifespan of used auto car parts include what they are made of. Iron is stronger than other materials, although it does add more weight to the vehicle. Stronger materials can obviously last more collisions in the engine block without sustaining damage. Another factor that can limit when parts need replacing is how hard they have to work, if you are late on the brakes at junctions and right on the red line with the revs, it is only going to reduce the lifespan of your commercial vehicle. 

There are some outliers, some vehicles just defy logic, for example a Volvo P1800 from 1966 set a record for most miles done with the same owner at a mammoth three million miles. Obviously, some parts have been replaced but a car only runs for as long as it is seen as financially viable. 

These are the secrets to keeping your car or commercial vehicle on the road for longer. In truth, without forces majeure, parts will last as long as you allow them to last. Some are designed to deteriorate and be replaced but ultimately it saves you money to make parts last. 


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