How To Get the Best Price When Scrapping Your Car

Dienstag, April 09, 2019

The sad reality of car ownership is that, one day it will no longer be cost-effective to keep replacing parts and repairing it, and whilst it can be difficult to come to terms with having to say goodbye to your beloved automobile, your wallet will assure you it’s the right decision to make. This decision begs the question, how do you make sure you are getting a good deal when it comes to recycling your vehicle?

Here are four ways you can ensure you always get the best scrappage price:

1. Use the internet to track scrap value

So long as you aren’t in a rush to get rid of your car, using the web to keep an eye on the scrap market can be a great way to time when is best to deliver your vehicle to the junkyard heap. Scrapping your vehicle when the scrap value is higher, will mean you get more cash for your car. A quick Google search will bring up several sites that will allow you to easily compare, track and find the best scrap prices.

2. Get multiple scrap quotes

Unless there is a real urgency to get rid of your car, don’t just go rushing off to the first scrapyard you find. We would recommend getting at least three different quotes from separate scrap dealers, and don’t be afraid to haggle for a better pay-out. Getting multiple quotes will give you a good idea of what a fair scrap value is for your vehicle and will alert you to any dealers who are trying to get their hands on your car for less than it’s worth.

3. Consider breaking your vehicle for parts

Did you know that you can dismantle your car and strip it of its valuable parts before sending it off to become scrap metal? If you know what you’re doing and have enough free time, you can make additional money by selling off a car’s components as spares. Sometimes you can find just one or two good parts can end up being worth more than the original scrap value of your vehicle – so if you have the capabilities, it’s an avenue worth exploring.

4. Make your car look more presentable

This one may seem a little odd, considering your car is destined for the crusher, but the look and presentation of your car could end up fetching you a better price from a scrap dealer. Don’t waste time and money on fixing any major bodywork issues, but if you can buff out a few of the more minor blemishes (such as scratches, minor dents and rust spots) you may just get rewarded.

Ultimately, if you do your research, understand the current market value and are prepared to haggle on price – making yourself a few extra pounds from the scrapyard can be a fairly simple achievement.


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