Why you Should Remanufacture Your Fleet Vehicles

Donnerstag, September 12, 2019

There comes a time when your trusty fleet vehicle reaches the end of its economic life: the mileage is high, and the expense of the ongoing repairs is beginning to cost your business more than what the van or truck is worth. Once a vehicle reaches this point, often it is sent for scrappage or sold on for next to nothing, and you are then faced with the cost of buying a replacement. What if we told you there was a way to avoid this costly scenario? Well, there is. Rather than scrapping your old commercial vehicles, why not consider remanufacturing them instead?

The Benefits of Remanufacturing a Fleet Vehicle

When you decide to remanufacture a company vehicle, the salvage value and ongoing repair costs are no longer part of the financial equation. By remanufacturing, you can retain the value of the vehicle and extend its time with your business, even if the engine is failing or has multiple major issues.

Instead of paying for repairs as they arise, choosing to remanufacture the vehicle completely will make everything under the hood virtually new again. This option is often 30-50% less expensive than the alternative of having to replace the vehicle entirely (particularly if you opt for all remanufactured parts over new ones) and it will save the vehicle from a premature visit to the scrap pile!

Remanufacturing will give your old fleet vehicle a new lease of life, and even give it the potential to double its mileage. Since the financial depreciation is very minimal in the later years of a vehicle’s life, you’ll always retain the end salvage value too.

When is the Right Time to Remanufacture a Fleet Vehicle?

There are multiple scenarios where remanufacturing your fleet vehicle may be the best option, including:

• at the end of the vehicle's economic life and anticipated ongoing repair costs are proving too expensive for the van or truck’s worth

• when the vehicle has reached the end of its service life, generally when the vehicle has very high mileage, or has been haggard from ongoing use in harsh conditions

• if you have major or multiple system or subsystem failures, such as complete engine failure

• if the vehicle has been involved in a collision, even if it has been written off, as with the added cost of repairing body damage, you will still likely be saving money when compared with the cost of replacing the vehicle entirely.


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